Spam Nutzer "chrisbenz"

  • Hab heute eine Nachricht im Postfach gefunden..

    „chrisbenz“ hat Ihnen über die Website folgende Nachricht gesandt:


    I am Christopher Benjamin, i will like to invest in your country. all i want is
    a honest and reliable person who can be my partner. please email me on
    for more details.

    Best Regards.

    Christopher Benjamin Us Army Afghanistan.

    Nach einer kleinen suche bin hier rauf gestoßen... --->…er-benjamin-d3063527.html…er-immopreneur-community/

    Nach leeren Wänden gibt es nichts schlimmeres als leere Haut,

    auf beides gehört Farbe drauf! 8)

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  • Neue Nachricht, diesmal benutzt er als betreff mein vor-und nach Namen der nicht in meinem Email Account zu finden ist....

    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you very much for your email and for accepting to partner with

    me in my quest to invest massively in your Country. As I told you in

    my previous email, all I want is an honest and reliable person who can

    be my partner. My major area of interest is real estate as I heard

    that the property market is good in the country now. but I might still

    invest in other profitable businesses with your suggestion and

    guidance as my local partner. I am interested in buying any advertised

    property and invest in Agricultural sector and would pay for it as

    part of my initial investment mostly in real estate. Though I can

    invest in any city or Business of your suggestion where any business

    booms. It is your duty to guide me and to make suggestions on which

    area to invest and how to go about investing massively in real estate

    and in Agricultural sector. The total fund I have is about $13.5

    Million. and from there I would pay for the properties and

    subsequently start my investment. For your assistance you will take

    20% of the total fund and 80% will be for me, from there I will invest

    the remaining.

    I am Mr Christopher a former Commander during the United States war in

    Iraq. Now that the United States has ended its mission in Iraq, I am

    presently in Afghanistan for further assignments but will soon be

    deployed to the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC)

    During my 5 years stay here in Iraq I was able to make the sum of

    $13.5 Million. This money came from Oil deals which I got involved in.

    I cannot move this money to the United States because I want to settle

    down there in your country and live a new life. Secondly, I am an

    uniformed person and I cannot be parading such an amount so I need to

    present someone as the beneficiary. I am an American and an

    intelligence officer for that I have a 100% authentic means of

    transferring the money through diplomatic courier service.I just need

    your acceptance and all is done.

    I would have liked to come over to meet with you in person before we

    start this transaction but because I am a servicing Senior military

    officer, I play by the rules of my profession. I cannot travel out of

    Afghanistan till my deployment to do so is approved from the PENTAGON.

    I am working on my transfer to NATO training Center (Upper

    Palatinate). I hope it will be approved very soon but before that, I

    would want us to build confidence and agree as partners so that I can

    safely move this fund to you for safe keeping and subsequent

    investment. The situation warrants that we commence this transaction

    as quickly as possible. I am not comfortable where I kept the Fund

    consignment so I need to move it to a safer place quickly. If we come

    into agreement, the entire process of depositing and shipping the Fund

    consignment to you could take less than four days from today with my

    new plans to proceed on this matter.

    This transaction has to be kept very confidential and only between us.

    I am laying emphasis on confidentiality and hope you will maintain the

    level of confidentiality needed. I assure you that there is no risk

    or any problem involved in this transaction. As I told you earlier,

    the fund will be moved to you in cash as a sealed diplomatic

    consignment. The fund is clean and came from a legitimate source and

    I promise to use my influence and experience as an intelligence

    officer to safely get the funds into your safe hands. I am only using

    this diplomatic method to move it to you because Iraqis do not allow

    foreigners to operate bank account there or move funds through their

    bank. Throughout my stay in Iraq, my transactions were limited. They

    accuse foreign soldiers and foreign contractors there of coming to

    their country to make money from their oil. They seize any funds

    passing through their banks, which belong to foreigners. A lot of

    foreigners here have been using this diplomatic method to move out

    huge cash and precious stones. My only concern is to find whom I can

    trust and who can assist me in investing the fund in a profitable

    business. All we need is mutual trust, good cooperation and honesty.

    Please tell me more about yourself and state in detail if you are

    ready to work with me. When I receive your response, I will tell you

    more on how we will start the transaction. I will come over to you for

    a meeting as soon as you receive the Fund consignment. I am aware

    that we have to sign some contracts for the property purchase and the

    investments in presence of a notary. I will like to get a notary

    myself and a tax adviser when I come over. This transaction can be

    concluded in less than four days and the fund will be moved to you,

    after which I will come over to come and meet with you for the

    necessary paper work and the commencement of our investments.

    It is your duty to do a feasibility study and come out with an

    investment blueprint to determine how we would start our investment to

    make the desired maxim returns on investment. Do your study and let me

    know if we should invest in commercial real estate of residential real

    estate and in Agricultural sector and suggest other possible areas of

    profitable venture. I have come to you in confidence and hope that our

    partnership will evolve over years.

    I am waiting to hear from you.

    Best wishes,


    Nach leeren Wänden gibt es nichts schlimmeres als leere Haut,

    auf beides gehört Farbe drauf! 8)

  • wow, das gab es schon vor Zeiten des Internets, und es wird es wahrscheinlich auch immer geben. Ich hoffe es fällt keiner darauf herein. Ich wurde auch angeschrieben, habe aber nur die erste Nachricht erhalten. Wäre echt schön wenn wir ihn blocken könnten, aber im Moment scheint hier keiner zu sein der die erforderlichen Rechte hat.